Monday, 19 November 2012

It's not what you know - it's who you know

I'm so very lucky to know a whole slew of talented friends and I'm going to be indulgent and share the skills of one of them. Avery kind gentleman, Justie.

I could embarrass him by telling you all how charming, delightful and easy going he is but I won't. Instead, I'll let his work say it all for him.

First, a little back story. A while ago, my Pater uncovered a rare photo of himself. Now I thought I'd gathered all our family photos and scanned them all in but no, the odd one still pops up. And the reason this particular picture is a rare find, is because, like me, when we were younger, we were stick thin. Scrawny even. Okay, these days, we've both filled out but let's gloss over that.

However, he was also very ill and spent a chunk of his early youth in and out of hospital. There was a brief moment in this time of his life, when the many pills he took caused him to bloat out. And this is the only photo that bears witness to that.

And this is what I sent to Justie. He laboured hard over the weekend and this morning, in my email box was an attached file...

What a brilliant repair job. Especially when you consider how bad the original was. And in my gratitude, I want to show his work off. If you have any photos you'd like repairing, take a look at his portfolio. And if you think it would cost too much, think again. Your jaw would hit the floor if I told you his rates. I was expecting eight times the amount.  I'm not going to say what they are here but do ask for a quote, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks Justie :)



Justie said...

Aww Paul, that kind of ya. Glad you are liking the photo. Hope to do more work for ya. Have to say really enjoyed it.

alexa said...

How wonderful, Paul, to have it restored and repaired and how clever Justie is! It's so special when photos turn up like this - hoping you find somewhere lovely (and safe) to keep it. :)

JoZart said...

How amazing , what a transformation and what a skill to have. Well done Justie!
Jo x

JoZart said...

Thanks for your comment Paul... sorry I'll miss you next week, after missing you last week. We're like trains in the night!
You'll be making the chocolate bar wraps as Make & Takes too... I prepped them all and Lynne collected them. Easy fun for all! Have a good time.
Don't miss the paper cutting exhibition in Manchester!
Jo x

Neet said...

Fabulous restoration and his portfolio shows an array of his woe which is truly amazing. What a talented guy.
Hugs, Neet xx