Monday, 26 November 2012

Doodling & Stencilling

I thought I'd play with stencils in my art journal. I bought a book full of them and whilst flicking through the choices, I alighted on the flame design (see what I did there?).

Okay, yes the page is a bit on the bright side. Thankfully, I've only one more in-your-face page to fill. It's a hangover from when I added ink to a few pages to use away from home. Since then, I've learnt how to mix up a more subdued palette. When I've finished the final pre-inked page and I can start using them.

Anyway, for now, I had a lime green surface to work with. Which, in a way, was convenient for a design involving flames. It meant I could freely use red, the complimentary partner for green.

I used a fine black Faber Castell Pitt Pen to draw the flame through the stencil. I then used a small paintbrush to ink the image in with red. I continued with my Pitt Pens, to fill in the shapes with a variety of doodle/tangle designs.

And then, because I had space on the left hand side, I drew/wrote the word Fire and filled that in too. Unfortunately, this resulted in a blocked-in space within the top of the 'F' lettering. So a quick little brainstorm and I added "Art on" (and yes I'm aware that adding art after 'F' is asking for trouble).

Until next time


Lindsay Mason said...

Tee Hee Paul....I was admiring your "doodle" and thinking how great it looked and then I read your post and the last sentence had me in fits! When I looked at your journal page again I giggled even more - that sounds very rude of me, but it was your own fault for drawing attention to it! Despite, and slightly because of that, I really like your page and it's a neat and clever idea. Sorry to giggle! Lindsay x x x

mark gould said...

He he he,,, fart he he ;)
sorry about that. great idea to use the stencils as a template, I am really loving those inks, a must have for my xmas list.

Justie said...

I think I like this piece more it really nice colors and like the fire spelled out on the page even if it small letters. I like the whole page.

JoZart said...

Now I never noticed the new four letter word you created until you mentioned it! Trust you! Love the piece just the same.
Thanks for your message and hope you have fun on Saturday.
Love Jo x

Neet said...

l shapes on that stencil which work perfectly for you on this 'Firey' page. I enjoyed your doodling and particularly love the controversial "F".
Hugs, Neet xx (cream crackered and ready for bed)

alexa said...

Your witticisms made me smile! Now that's a cool page - I love your tangly doodling. And getting going with stencils is such a great idea!