Sunday, 25 November 2012

Experiments & Swirls

My latest page in my art journal is an experimental one (aren't they all when you're playing with new materials?).

I didn't want to collage so much on this one but I had to add a paper border because there was an ink splotch on the top edge which needed covering up. That aside, I knew from the outset I wanted to just draw and doodle on this page. What I wanted to try out this time, was how painting acrylic ink over itself would work. And though it's not obvious in the above photo, I painted inside the large swirl in a paler blue. And it was a resounding success, a nice even coat, straight over the background.

The words are from a song of my youth. Absolute by Scritti Politti. I have an eclectic taste in music (doesn't everyone?) but my unashamed default is pop.  Scritti is the band I hooked onto as a teen. Their lyrics were like poetry to my young mind. "Where the words are vodka clear, forgetfulness has brought us near". Somehow, I have a feeling that a few more of their lyrics will find themselves onto my pages. If only because they are so evocative of my growing up in the eighties.

Until next time


Cath Wilson said...

Looks good to me, m'dear - I quite like the effect. Must try to get some playtime in ASAP x

Neil said...

Doodling can be very therapeutic sometimes. Great page, nice and clean in some ways. Music is tied up in so much of our lives, to this day if I hear a Tears for Fears song I'm immediately transported back to my room where I'm drawing and painting away instead of doing maths....and homework is due tomorrow.

Justie said...

Very nice piece like the blue color. I should try art jorunals. I have a lot of blank pages still in my black sketch pages. That are screaming at me to do some work on them, hahaha.

Neet said...

Nice lettering inside the swirls, something I would love to really get to grips with. Only trying out will get me any results I know but it is the discipline I lack. I don't think that is the case with you as you always seem to be disciplined in what you try.

Hugs, Neet xx