Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Zentangle a Day - 3

It's day Three for my "One Zentangle a Day" and I found some time to have a play and create something in my journal...

There were three more tangles to learn, around the theme of designs which overlap each other. I drew a loose square swirl and looped some lines within, to create my string. As I said yesterday, I much prefer curves to angles. Then I filled the design with the three new patterns.

I may find a use for these doodles this morning too. I'm off to see my Doctor (nothing serious) and it'll be the perfect distraction whilst I'm in the waiting room. It's a lottery, I could find myself sat there anywhere from 10 short minutes to a tedious hour, or more. The great thing about doodling, is that time flies whilst you're doing it.

Until next time



kjjc said...

Gosh thee are very interesting Paul. Not something I've tried-yet!

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, haven't ever thought of using shapes like this - intriguing :-) xxx

Lindsay Mason said...

They put me in mind of Escher drawings and you've penned them so precisely - very impressive. I can guarantee that if you get engrossed in your doodles in the waiting room then you will only have a few minutes to wait - it's when you are sat there bored rigid that it takes an hour!
Glad it's nothing serious of course, but take care anyway. Lindsay x x x

Justie said...

Very interesting drawings seems like you are enjoy it so far. Hope you take care of your ears.