Thursday, 10 January 2013

Zentangle A Day - 4

Well Lindsay was correct in her comment yesterday :) When I had something to do, the time in the waiting room wasn't long at all. I arrived at 10.00am for a 10.10am appointment. And blow me down, I was called in to see the Doctor at 10.15am! At this stage I had my book in my lap and my pens and pencils all around me, scribbling away. I had to quickly squirrel it all back into my bag and run along to the Doctor's room, hoping I didn't spill my art stuff all over the floor in my haste.

But I did manage to start the drawings off but it did mean I forgot to put the tangle names on top of the page. I've since corrected this oversight but only after I scanned it in. From left to right they are, Shattuck, Nipa & Jonqual.

The added lesson for today was around the subject of shadows. We've been shown how to add them already but I guess it was to highlight the idea a bit further. And as you can see, I've used all three new tangles within today's string. Fairly quick and easy this one. None of the doodles were particularly difficult to draw. Shattuck needed a little bit of concentration to ensure I was drawing the lines in the correct directions. But the other two could be done without having to engage the brain.

Which, at the moment is a good thing as I'm tired through lack of sleep and a bit woozy. What little brain I have, is certainly not functioning at it's best. My newly-cleaned ear picked up an infection, hence the trip to the Doctor. My fault, as my habit is to wash my hair when I'm taking a daily bath, which involves dirty water sloshing around my lug-holes and well let's just say that this isn't the best way to treat the newly-sensitive skin within the ear. I've been told that my scraggy grey mop has to be washed by shower head only. In the meantime, I'm on a short course of antibiotics which are making me ever so slightly nauseous. But the effects should wear off in a day or so.

I'll try and draw again tonight but we'll just have to see. I may just find myself falling asleep in front of the TV instead :)



Cath Wilson said...

Great way to while away waiting time and a brilliant result. I can just imagine the receptionist wondering what on earth you were up to... Hope your ear infection heals fast, Paul - not a pleasant thing to have to deal with x

Lindsay Mason said...

Ha ha....I knew it!!!
Great Zentangles again, though I have an image now of you srabbling about to gather your pens while everyone wonders what the heck you're up to!
Good advice about your hair washing...since I had my ear infection a few years ago (incredible painful, so I sympathise) I've been wary of putting my head underwater in the bath or letting too much water near my lugholes. Hope the nausea wears off soon. Lindsay x x x

Justie said...

Very nice you're a good at drawing. Hope you're feeling a little bit better and the ear not bothering you too much.