Monday, 14 January 2013

Zentangle A Day - 8

Something a bit different with the Zentangle today as you can see. It's all gone a little bit tubular, in it's design.

I had no problem drawing the tangles. It's more in the execution of them into the string shape, that I struggled. I roughly based my design on the one supplied in the book. It might have turned out better if I'd gone with my own string instead. But it's all new and therefore I'm learning as I go along. Some days go better than others. They're nice tangles though but they need a bit more practice to look really good.



kjjc said...

Well done for commitment.

Karen said...

Great work Paul. Love them.

Love Karen x

Cath Wilson said...

Love the braid and the shading - some fab effects but it would probably take me a few days to learn each part. Hope it's still fun x