Sunday, 13 January 2013

Zentangle A Day - 7

Well blow me down. I've kept this up for a whole week so far. I've been more committed than I thought I would. Bu with another five weeks to go, I'm not sure i can keep this up. It depends if the daily exercise start requiring a bit more time or practice.

And the final page of the week isn't as quick and simple to generate as it may look. You may have also noticed that there are no tangles at the top of the page either.

Well, that's because today's task was to select some of the tangles we've already learnt and alter them, to make a different tangle. We had to modify them in any way we wished.

I did as instructed, but it wasn't quick and simple, thinking up new ways to draw an existing design. At a guess, this took me double the time it normally does. It was a useful lesson though. And I like the idea of doing something fresh with a previous idea.

And as for the old ear trouble I've been having. Well, it's the last day of my antibiotics and the pain has completely gone, along with around 95% of the inflammation. However, I still find myself hitting the subtitles on the TV shows for the odd word or phrase.

Can't promise myself that I'll sit and draw tonight. I have a sneaky suspicion I'll be blog hopping and catching up on all the CHA news instead.


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Cath Wilson said...

You've done so well, Paul - think I'd have given up at this point... becoming too complex for my tiny brain x