Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Difference in March

It may seem a little quiet on here during March. Then again it may not. However I'd have to be a masterly wizard of time management to blog on here for those days and if experience is anything to go by, I'm definitely not.

The reason is, I'll be blogging every day on another site but only in March. I'll return here as normal when April rolls around. You see, I've bitten the bullet and joined a community of roughly 200 folks who have all agreed to pursue a 30 day challenge throughout the third month of 2013.

I've chosen to create a collection of 24 Patterned papers. I've always wanted to do this for myself and though I've tinkered and played, I have never, ever, finished one. And I've never shared any of my efforts online.

So with sweaty palms, my heart racing and the voice in my head screaming "what the heck are you doing?, I'm publicly going to muck about and see what I come up with and then blog it. For at least six days out of seven (or more). The rules are that the project has to be fun (tick), take me out of my comfort zone (again, tick) and result in something tangible that I can show at the end (big fat tick).

And that is why you may not see any posts from me on here for the next few weeks. But then again, if I do make anything in my spare, spare time, I'll post here as normal.

If you want to follow along with my progress, you'll see a tab bar at the top of this page which takes you there. Or simply click on this link.

 I've no idea what will happen before April finally comes around. But it'll sure be fun finding out.

Until next time


Justie said...

Very cool good luck with the 30 day challenge.

Kory K said...

You can do it, Mr. Paul! We adore you!

perfectly4med said...

Enjoy the challenge :)

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, you're brave - I've always wanted to do that... sure you CAN! Will look forward to peeks at some point... x

Neet said...

You kept that one quiet yesterday - ok so I should have been on here sooner. Good luck with the challenge and here's me looking forward to some peeks. You will walk it!
Neet xx

olive said...

You go Paul.... will visit you on the other side!! xxxx

alexa said...

Cheering you on from here! I know what a long-held project this has been. Just go for it!