Monday, 25 March 2013

More Playing With the Dark Side

I thought I'd have another play with the darker colour palettes and went with making a card instead of a tag. It's all part of the Discover Your Style course I'm on. I'm doing great on the theory side of the homework but have fallen behind with actually making stuff. And the more stuff I make, the better understanding I'll have of my style.

And before you ask, no I still haven't figured out my style yet. Plenty more weeks to go. I have such an eclectic taste but maybe that's because I haven't settled style-wise.

Anyway, learning from the tag I made in the previous post, I added some sewing and distress ink to shabby the whole thing up whilst still keeping with the principles of design and CAS styles.

And now that I've posted this, my guess is that when I next check my emails, my inbox will have this week's new lesson. It's a brilliant course but boy there's a lot of homework lol.



Neil said...

It's a great card. Finding your style isn't always easy, I flit from one thing to another like a butterfly! To me your style has always been clean and graphic with hints of vintage and I love it. I like the colours on this card very much.

kjjc said...

Nice to hear I'm not alone in not knowing my style. I like your more grungy vintage style.

Sharon Y said...

Nice color combo. The layers and stitching add so much. Have fun with your class.

alexa said...

Very elegant, both in the design and the details. I really like that stitching too. Good to hear you are enjoying the course! I have never managed to keep up with one yet!

Toni said...

This is cool!