Saturday, 30 March 2013

The 30 Day Challenge Deadline

30 days have passed! The deadline is up! It's show and tell time. The 30 Day Challenge I took throughout March comes to it's climax tonight at 10pm. Our instructions today are to show something tangible as proof of our efforts.

Now mine's fairly easy since I took the decision right from the start to share my project throughout the month and not just at the end. So if you have been popping over to the blog I set up to record my progress, none of this will seem new to you...well, apart from the whole new look to my blog to coincide with the deadline.

So here it is, the complete Veronica Frannie Collection:

There are also the texture backgrounds which encompass all the colours

And here's a little something I made from my papers, just to see what they are actually like to use when printed.

And there you have it. Not sure what happens next. Haven't thought about it. I just wanted to focus on actually finishing a project and facing my internal demons head on. It's been really interesting seeing other people go through the same insecurities and doubts as myself and press on regardless. Interesting to see how many of us, me included, collided with a midway slump. It seems we all had a blip around the 14th/15th March. 

And then I took a "Discover Your Style" course just as it began and I'm thrown by trying to uncover that at the same time. In fact I've still to do another couple months of that course. I think I'll be chopping and changing my mind constantly before I settle. But again, it's great to be in a small group of classmates who all face the same situation. It seems that we all play around and flit from style to style without settling.

So I shall take a breather. A small pause. The challenge isn't deserting us quite yet. Now that we've met our deadline and popped the champagne corks, we have to reflect on what we have achieved. You see, there's three parts to this  - Act, Reflect and Adapt. 

But that's for another day. Thank you for following along if you checked out my progress in March. Hope you're enjoying your Easter break, wherever you are. I shall be tucking into a very naughty and indulgent chocolate egg for sure. And then all that remains is for me to figure out what shall I do for April? lol


kjjc said...

Paul these are really lovely. Well done on completing them. I really like the colours you have chosen and the subtle designs too. Great. Good on you.

Neil said...

Well Paul, I for one am amazed by these... they are great and just the colours I love. I haven't seen the other blog so this a lovely treat to see all of them. I think your project is fabulous too.

Kory K said...

PAUL!!! I am completely in such freakin awe and amazement! This is SO cool! When you're famous, let me be your assistant.

So so cool... And how great they look, printed!!!

Justie said...

Very nice paper. Like the colors. Your projects are always amazing.

alexa said...

Many many congratulations on finishing, Paul! This is such an elegant collection, with rich yet subtle colourways and delicate patterns - I am so thrilled you stuck with it and realised what has been a dream for a while :). Now, what else might you tackle, I wonder?

Andrea Ewen said...

Fantastic creation, Paul! Expert arrangement of flowers, flourishes and butterflies...the design is perfect and the colors enhance it wonderfully (hmm...if perfection is able to be improved, but by definition I don't think so, however, in my world...YES!) :) Have a very Happy Easter, my friend, and enjoy those glorious chocolate eggs! I, myself, will be indulging in those delectables as well... :)

Anne Jagger said...

Beautiful Paul, great colour choice. x

Sharon Y said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge. And I must say the end result is fabulous! Love the paper collection you designed. Well done. Enjoy your breather. Happy Easter.

Jodie Lee Designs said...

Oh my gosh! Look at what you have made with your papers! That is beautiful Paul!!

mark gould said...

It's been a great journey. You must be pleased with these papers and the bird house looks brilliant. Now to submit them to graphic 45?

Neet said...

Ooh, can see that little, totally fabulous bird house becoming a request for a workshop. Love it and want to make one.
Congrats on getting so far with the course and good luck with the reflection.
Hugs, Neet xx
Ps hope you enjoyed the egg xx

Cath Wilson said...

Paul, they're wonderful - you really should get them printed and marketed, they go together so well and are all so useful! Am seriously impressed.

Sorry I didn't make today - hope it went well xxx