Sunday, 21 April 2013

Clean & Simple for Week 3

It's week three for the Clean & Simple Workshop. Cathy prepared us with two more videos, explaining the principles of design and a how-to for using the digital template, supplied this week for download.

We were supposed to produce a photo essay around one event with several snaps taken at various angles. I may try it out one day but I don't have anything relevant in my photographic history at the moment.

So I played a little fast and loose with the theme and instead put together a montage of photographs depicting the same event, even if taken at different times. As you can see, that theme is my energetic moggie, Basil, doing what he does on an average, everyday.

Teacher may decide to rap my knuckles for such blatant reinterpretation of the assignment this week and I may find myself sat in the corner of the room wearing a conical hat, emblazoned with the letter D.

However, it does mean that I'm still keeping on top of the homework and not falling behind. I'm crossing fingers that next time I'll have the appropriate pictures for the set project :)


JoZart said...

10 out of 10 for innovation and imagination producing this fine gem. No dunce's hat for you, my dear. Are you a tad disappointed?
I meant to tell you that there was a stand doing Zentangle at the Art Specially show and for one of the Make & Takes they each produced a super card with Zentangling around a central image. You would no doubt interpret it superbly so why not have a go?!
Jo x

mark gould said...

Your usual corner of the room then ;-). Love the pics of Basil. And another cas layout. Very classy ;-)

alexa said...

Seems like a perfectly valid interpretation of the task to me! The fact that the photos are all of Basil creates a very unified feel and your background paper really supports this. very elegantly done so that would be top of the class, I should think!

Neet said...

Oh Paul, Basil looks so cute and so contented and I for one think that this is a great interpretation of what you had to do.
Fills the bill for me.
Hugs, Neet xx