Sunday, 12 May 2013

Clean & Simple - Week 6

This will be the last page for the Clean & Simple class where I will be up to date. I'll be on my holidays when the next few lessons are posted, so expect me to be playing catch up when I return.

This week, Cathy wanted us to experiment with Extreme Minimalism. And well, for the most part I did stick with the design but I couldn't quite keep the whole page as a clean white canvas.

I had to just help it along with a texture but I did at least keep it as soft and subtle as I could.

I have to say i'm not sure about the theme but i'm going with it. Cathy is encouraging the idea of creating layouts which tell an honest story of our lives and not always the picture perfect view we normally capture. I have no problem with scrapbook albums being given a makeover and showing only happy smiley memories. But equally, I am willing to include a photo with journalling that I might not wish to look back on.

It's a digital layout so it's easy to hide on the computer or if I wish, place in the wastebasket. I'm sure it's a problem that many people have. Do they want to remember their loved ones as they were before illness or as the person they became because of it? I'm sure there's a place for both memories but ask me on another day and I may change my mind.

Time will tell.


Justie said...

Very nice layout and words you said about your mother and brother. Hope all is well and enjoy your trip.

Neil said...

I'm not minimalist at all. Still, I can try..... nice layout though. Enjoy your holiday. Hope you are going somewhere nice.

alexa said...

Very thoughtful, Paul ... And a lovely layout. I get excited by the thought of extreme minimalism! This is very soft and I like your not-quite-minimalist take :).