Monday, 17 June 2013

Clean and Simple Week 11 - Near the End :(

Yes it's week 11 for Cathy's Clean & Simple online course. Only one more week left. Mind you, she's given us a corker of a task this time around. Not only were we expected to create from scratch, sans template but yikes, it's a mini album. Cathy does like to sneak one into every class.

The theme for the album is Four Square and takes several topics for which the pages display four selections for each. We were invited to come up with our own ideas but heck, I liked Cathy's book perfectly and copied it page by page, adding my own minor tweaks.

Now for the photos - be warned, theres a lot of them...

And now I have a confession. I cheated! well, not so much cheated, as made life simpler for myself. The course is designed to teach folks how to use Photoshop to create digital designs. After all, Photoshop Elements is the most affordable of Adobe's software options. It wouldn't be feasible to create a course expecting people to have access to the professional's choice of software.

But for work, I have the full Creative Suite at my fingertips which includes Adobe InDesign. And InDesign is much easier for this kind of project. In fact, it is created for these particular type of project; albums, magazines, posters etc.

So rather than try to fathom out how to engineer Photoshop to produce these layouts, I used the much simpler InDesign. And my guess is that if there's anyone else following this course who has access to this software will be using it too.

Now, if I can just squeeze the time in, I'm itching to actually make something crafty and cut into my frustratingly large stack of patterned paper. Feels like such a long time since I picked up my scissors, paper and glue. :)


Lindsay Mason said...

This is so YOU Paul! Not just about you, but with the clean lines and graphic look that you do so brilliantly. I share quite few of the favourite things that you've chosen too. A really interesting set of pages and another of your posts that makes me want to immediately start making lists! Lindsay x x x

kjjc said...

Paul, this is great. A fab record of who you are.Fabulous.

Neet said...

I screwed my eyes and squinted down my nose and managed to read every bit of your square journal - and I loved it!
Thanks for the journey into your thoughts. What a delightful album so beautifully produced.
Neet xx

alexa said...

Your InDesign album is beautifully done ... And I'd have used it as well in preference to Photoshop anything! As soon as I saw Cathy demonstrate it in one of her videos at the end of one of her cases, I started saving! Ae you going over to Creative Cloud? But I digress, my friend. Am so with you on Miss Marple and Poirot, and I knew the macaroons had to be in there somewhere ..:). Glad to hear your goal about your health is underway too. Oh, and living by the sea in France? How glorious ... I'd be heading for the Ile de Ré ...

mark gould said...

This is brilliant, The overall clean and simple look, great layout and a great project, a lovely coffee top booklet.
A quick and easy insight to the life of the artsider ;)

Manda Moore said...

I just stumbled across your blog via Paperhaus and saw this project. It is brilliant, I'm totally in love with it! Such a great idea and I love the clean and simple look. Great work!