Friday, 7 June 2013

Clean & Simple - Week 10 : It's all a bit Cheeky!

Before you read any further, please note, to follow is a bit of a cheeky layout. It's been edited to ensure identities are hidden and bare flesh is covered. If this is likely to cause you to faint with horror at the thought, please do not read any further.

Still with me? Okay. It's Week 10 for Cathy Zielske's CAS course. And she's really turned up the educational heat with this week's homework. If you recall, last time, she had us adding our own journaling. This week, we had to produce the whole caboodle from scratch.

There was a design to follow but no template to drag and drop photos into. Oh no! This week, we had to produce the template first and then add our own photos and text.

And the theme? Well it was quite an innocuous one. The house where it all happened. Cathy's example showed her family and the home they all presently live in. I looked at the photos I had of the place Nick & I live in and felt just a teensy bit uninspired. But then I scrolled through the pics I had showing where I lived before I moved in with Nick. The ones from the third floor flat not far from the city of Manchester. It was a hedonistic time and an emotional roller-coaster of highs and lows and I have very fond memories of my time spent there.

Now this was more like it! Only problem was, that I wasn't sure I was going to end up with a layout I could post online. So I kept it light and cheeky, just on the acceptable side of ribald, I hope. And yes, there is another layout to be made one day. But the best memories I have of that time aren't for sharing here.

And I know you can relate. Yes you! That student accommodation you once shared. The tales you can tell! You know what I mean. And you know they would make brilliant stories to share in your scrapbooks. You just won't put them online or leave them around for your children/parents to read (well, not quite yet). :)

But rest assured, I'm all grown up now. The booze, fags, parties and everything else is all well behind me. I've reinvented myself as the boy next door (albeit, in his forties) who you could unashamedly bring home to your parents haha


mark gould said...

lmao, love it and thanks for blurring ;)

kjjc said...

Love it Paul. Great times it would seem.

alexa said...

That is a super photo of you smiling at the camera! Yes, it sounds and reads like an amazingly vibrant time ... Is middle age a bit too staid now?

Justie said...

You got some really cool layouts so far. Have to say you I think that photo of you is very cute.