Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Rarity: A Card for A Friend

Here's something I haven't done for way too long. Made a card for a friend's birthday. My card making output until recently has been virtually nil and I've resorted to sending shop bought this year (eek!).

Anyhow, with the crafting bug hitting me again and my resolve to create more Birthday cards, I actually made and sent a card to my wonderful friend Lindsay, whose special day was yesterday so hopefully she will have seen this by now :)

I created it especially with my friend in mind lol. Lindsay, for those who do not know of her, is a superb artist with a beautiful talent for painting as well as for pen & ink drawings. She is also a certified Ranger educator and loves to get down and dirty with the inks and stamps. Okay, yes I like to shabby it up occasionally too but we both joke around with each other about my "clean" & her "messy".

So I made her a CAS style card using a new Penny Black die I bought which works best, in my opinion, when used with plain card. I tried adding pattern but it took the dynamic away away from dotty design. And there's NO INK on the back of the card haha.

And if you're reading this Lindsay, I hope you had a fabulous day!!!!!

Materials Used:
- Card: Dark aqua, Light aqua, Blue, Red, Dark Red
- Die: Penny Black - Dots
- Sentiment Stamp: Papertrey Ink

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Lindsay Mason said...

Hi Paul, yes, I'm reading this! Your (my!) stylish card keeps drawing my eye to it...the dots creating light and shade patterns so I keep seeing different images. And yes, how different our styles can be! Yesterday was a very quiet birthday and too hot to really do anything much...zoo trip is on hold till things cool down! Hugs, Lindsay x x x