Friday, 19 July 2013

Simply A Moment in July

As much as I'd like to join in every month with Alexa's Simply A Moment project, I find that I forget all too frequently, to stop for a minute and note my surroundings. It's not like I'm a stranger to meditation or being still, so I really have no excuse. I rely too much on my computer and all the reminders and alarms I set on it, rather than use my noggin.

This time around, the moment I saw Alexa's post, immediately I stopped and concentrated on what was happening right there and then, before any distractions could render me forgetful again.

Not every moment is packed full of riveting stories to share and I know that isn't the point of the project. Even the mundane is a riveting read when it's someone else's life. Not sure when it's my own. Maybe I will appreciate it more when the passage of time has passed. Five, ten, twenty years down the line, my daily life will be very different and this page will remind me of the difference between them.

If you enjoy reading short passages from people's lives, check out Alexa's blog and go to the links of all those who've contributed. Maybe it'll inspire you to stop and write something too.

Thanks for dropping by


Neil said...

Morning Paul, been a while since my last visit but just had a read through your last few posts, I enjoyed the card you made for your supply box, it's lovely colours pattern and the sentiment drew me in.
I hadn't noticed the skew dots on your honeycomb card (Until you pointed it out!)and I enjoyed reading your snapshot in time post. Glad all is well with Nick and hope you are too!

Cheri said...

Even everyday moments have their beauty when simple details are captured. Love the mental picture of the piece of clear shower curtain blurring away the sights of the hubbub outside your window.

Jennie said...

Oh I enjoyed your moment especially the description of your shower curtain to help keep you focussed. J x

alexa said...

So sorry I am late arriving here, Paul, but it has been a delight - content wise as well as visually. I just went "Ahhh!' when I saw you tranquil, graphic page. Could be a magazine article. You have effectively screened out all distractions for those of us reading too :). Hoping you have managed to do all you need to do, and relieved that all is well with Nick too. So pleased you could join in this month and thank-you very much indeed for linking up :).

Missus Wookie said...

I like the idea of the white noise - I too have to block out the distractions outside the window. A problem for those of us who work from home I suspect more than those in an office.

Delighted the results were good - always a relief. I find going back to these snippets in a few years are always interesting, usually meaningful too.