Friday, 20 September 2013

Abstract Hot Glue Frames

I have to thank Kirsty Wiseman for her tutorials with hot glue embellishments (check out one of her videos here). It opened my eyes to the possibilities of how to do more with my glue gun than just stick things on things.

I had one of those Aha moments whilst sitting quietly that I wanted to make a batch of abstract frames to use in my cards.

I like the randomness of creating these frames. They're not neat and perfect. More blobby and individual. Here I chose two of my frames, one slightly bigger than the other. As you can see, I was also playing around with different thicknesses.

I didn't use nail varnish (or polish if you're reading this in America) to colour them as per Kirsty's suggestion. Though I do have some knocking about here, but it's Chanel & definitely not to be used on anything other than decorating one's nails thank you.

Instead I have a bottle of silver liquid brush leaf which does the exact same job. The only difference is that you really do have to work with the windows open. The fumes could keel over a baby elephant.

The rest of the card was made with a choice of neutral greys and just a hint of colour with the teal, all backed onto Kraft. Yes I finally have some in my stash but that's a story for another time.

Thanks for popping by. Have a great weekend.


helena said...

Off to find my gluegun. They are fabulous

Michele said...

What a great idea - fab! x

alexa said...

Now that's very creative - your remark about the fumes made me chuckle! The silver finish is just right here; and a nice mix of the graphic and the informal too.

My Paper Epiphany said...

Love this abstract look. I'll have to check out this technique.

Suzette said...

I love this simple but perfect style of card. Found your blog through google.

Neet said...

Love the colour combo and what a brilliant idea to use your glue gun in this way. Off to check out the video. Thanks for the inspiration - so clean and crisp.

Kay Wallace said...

Just love the silver and teal together, Paul! This is something I will definitely try (did watch the video, thank you very much!). However, I need to say that I love the "imperfectness" of your frame(s)! Just delightful!

Richard Pettitt said...

Paul, this is a fantastic effect. It appeals to my scruffy, wonky side. Great stuff!

And yes, please keep the glue away from the baby elephants. How many more times...!

kjjc said...

What a great idea and you've done a lovely card with it.