Monday, 23 September 2013

Say it with Zip Pulls

I was doodling away in my sketch book whilst a passenger in a car, going off to see some stunning sculptures at Chatsworth house. I was listening to the radio and my mind was wandering when I had this idea of making a card solely of Prima's Zip Pull embellishments.

I could see exactly how I wanted to piece it together, even down to the hand drawn border. It's not often I have a clear idea beforehand. Anyway, this is what I made once I was back home.

I know it's a bit excessive to use up nearly a whole pack of zip pulls on one card. But I wanted it to look like a modern art piece. Something you'd find in an art gallery or a trendy designer establishment.

It's clean, graphic, slightly quirky and just the style I love.

As for the trip to Chatsworth. If you're in the area and love your sculptures, do check it out. It's on until the end of October so there's still plenty of time. Here's just a small peek at what we saw

If you've seen Dream up near St Helen's you may recognise the artist behind this very similar piece.

 And you can't see the whole sculpture in this photo but it's styled high as a tornado made from steel rings. I think it's called Chaos.

And finally, me posing in front of a piece simply called Lens.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend filled with creative endeavours too. Thanks for popping by.


mark gould said...

Very cool Paul. I have been struggling with ways to use them ans so far the pack is un opened, I love the clean simplicity, it's most often the most effective look. the sculptures look fab.

Kay Wallace said...

Paul, you card is amazing...and what I thought, before every reading your text, was, "Hmmmmm! That actually looks like a piece of art, not a card!" So, you succeeded in transforming your vision! Just love it! Thanks for sharing, too, your photos from you day trip to see more art! ;-)

Claire said...

Love this - it's so super simple and looks like it should be in some kind of trendy, modern art museum. Chatsworth...haven't been there for about 20 years...thanks for bringing some memories back!

Neet said...

Just need to pick a fine day and zoom off to Chatsworth - looks good and I love Chatsworth. Thanks for the heads up!
Love that card. Oh extravagant but well worth it. That is classy.
Hugs, Neet xx

helena said...

wow, striking card and wish I could get to Chatsworth to see those sculptures

Carol Yates said...

Very classy and arty, I think it's great that you worked it all out in the car. Will have to try to get to Chatsworth. Take care.

Michele said...

Love your card, Paul - I haven't seen the zip pulls before. Fab photos too xx

Richard Pettitt said...

Bold card, good sentiments on the zip pulls. Do they weigh it down?

I haven't been to this year's Chatsworth Sculpture Show, but I've been to a previous show. Wonderful setting.

Michelle said...

Paul, this card is fabulous! What a great use of those zip pulls! It certainly does look like a piece of modern art! I love your photos, too!

kjjc said...

How brave. Not sure I could bring myself to give a whole pack away. It would have to be to someone special. Very generous of you. I'm sure you realise that I now have to go to chatsworth.

Monika Reeck said... it really Zipper or it is a stamp...ooh Paul this is really an amazing idea...I think I have to stop now ...because I will write and write and write and my son get hungry LOL :) happy Saturday Paul...waiting for your mail...