Monday, 7 October 2013

Inspired Patterns - Day Seven

Woohoo! I've managed a whole week. I can't believe how happy I am to have gotten a whole seven days under my belt. It's proving to be more time consuming than I imagined but I am loving it. I lock myself away in my room, in front of the computer, at 9pm every evening and manage to finish these posts just before my eyes completely shut.

Today, I'm using a photograph I took, again in France, on holiday. This time, in a church, where I spied these beautiful filigree railings.

So I created my pattern based on their design

Which I turned into this repeat pattern

Which I have to say I'm impressed with. It took a good deal longer than the other patterns. I know the end result looks simple but it still takes quite a bit of care and attention to make it. And I'm glad I did.

Right, off to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and again I'll need to find myself some inspiration

Thanks for popping by. Hope you're enjoying following this daft little challenge I've set myself :)


Lindsay Mason said...

Hi Paul, I, for one, am really enjoying following your "daft little challenge". In fact, I get a lot of inspiration from the way you set yourself all these "do something every day" challenges.
The designs are all brilliant with your eye for detail and clean lines.
I'm really cross that you didn't nudge me at the GNP show though...can't believe I missed you!!!
Hugs, Lindsay x x x

Monika Reeck said...

wooow...I love the design...I wish I can made this too...this looks elegant...and did you posted it today in the morning wohooo...I have no time to to that..cause I have no IPAD or Samsung Tablet LOL...have a great day Paul.... :)

kjjc said...

Ok so I think you need to turn these into fabric.i see some great quilting

Kay Wallace said...

Perhaps on a somehwhat larger scale, Paul, I see this pattern appearing in vintage wallpaper--and being a best seller! The detail in this, for some reason, does not seem repetitive to me. I find myself looked at each image as being delightfully new. This one is going to be difficult to top, my friend!!

Richard Pettitt said...

Classy. Thanks for showing us the photos that inspire each design. You must be shattered. Keep going!

J. Anthony Stubblefield said...


I am so far behind in my blog ready that I just got caught up on your experiment. How beautiful are the patterns you are making? Wow, I am blown away. To distill down some of these ideas down to such a refined pattern is quite an achievement. I am very impressed.

Neet said...

Very classy this one. You must have a wealth of designs ready and waiting in the photos you took on holidays. I am awaiting the macron one.
Hugs, Neet xx