Thursday, 28 November 2013

Not One Layout. Oh No.

This is the post I was going to upload yesterday but changed my mind on hearing of the death of Araucaria.

I knocked up two very quick layouts. They're both very simple, bells and whistle-free designs. Play time, as it is for everyone, is in short supply at the moment. However, I wanted to capture the past weekend whilst it was still fresh in my memory.

The first one is about our trip to Manchester for a bit of culture and bit of shopping. And I know I say this every time I visit an art gallery, but if you're local to Manchester, go and visit the Manchester Art Gallery and see the tapestries by Grayson Perry. It's free. There are six in total, so you don't need to plan for more than half an hour there. However, I would recommend you extend your visit, like we did, with a stop at the cafe for tea and a nibble.

That was Friday. On Saturday we woke to a perfect day of blue sky and sunshine. As I collected the morning paper, the urge came upon me to boot up and go heading into the Peak District National Park. In particular, we decided upon Macclesfield forest. The circular walk we do is one of my favourites. Especially when we head deep into the woodland. There's something wonderfully ethereal and unreal about it. Mind you, there's also something very satisfying about finding an old church to sit in front of, looking out onto the hillsides and wildlife, whilst biting down on a scotch egg and drinking from a flask. Those moments I treasure. I'm a simple soul somedays.


kjjc said...

How odd. I too went to the Perry exhibition this weekend, stopping first in the cafe for a drink and a bite. The exhibition is great isn't it. Very unusual but then hasn't he had a life and a half. I too then went to the Xmas market.

Michelle said...

Well sitting down in a quiet spot with a scotch egg and drinking from a flask sounds just perfect to me! You have me all relaxed just imagining your lovely day, Paul! Your layouts are beautiful! Do you publish them into books for your own memories?

Kay Wallace said...

Nick looks well recovered, and you both look happy, Paul! How nice to be able to spend time together doing things that so obviously you both enjoy! I am delightfully happy for you both! Mwah!

alexa said...

Beautiful pages Paul and I especially like your design for the top one. And thank you for the heads up about the tapestries ... (Btw, they say Dec - did you mean Nov? I am confused!).

Michele said...

Fab LOs Paul! I love walking in Macc forest, especially at this time of year x