Saturday, 30 November 2013

On Going Project

The end of thirty days is up. My November project is finished. Okay it's only a glimpse again. I've posted the full project on the challenge site but I've done so much more than was required and it all needs to be put in order. Something that is more than what I committed myself to. It's been exciting to do and I've been so lost in time, it really has just flown by.

So I've signed up for a continuation 90 day momentum challenge. A whole bunch of us creatives have been beavering away and showing our work off tonight. And when the dust has settled, we're going to keep on encouraging each other for the next three months. There will, I promise, be something to share at the end of it all.

However, for now, here's a quick card

Have a great weekend everyone.


alexa said...

Oh wow, I just love that! Trying to work out how you did it ! Xx

Kay Wallace said...

Just love your vertical "bowtie" cake, Paul! Creative to use the hearts as candle flames! I love how your brain works! ;-)

Richard Pettitt said...

That's a beauty Paul! Real quality.

Well done for completing the 30 Day Challenge. I didn't realise there would be a 90 day add-on. Am I feeling left out now! Oh well, can't do everything.

Keep up the momentum!