Sunday, 17 November 2013

Simply A Moment

I took a few moments out of my Friday to stop and write about what was happening around me. This is, of course, something I've done before. And it's prompted by the most captivating blog you'll ever come across, Trimming The Sails. On the 15th of each month, Alexa encourages us to pause and note the details of simply a moment.

Then we blog them in any fashion we choose, to share online.

The journalling reads:

I’m sat, as I ever am, in my office slash craft room. The house is silent, though I’m not alone.  Nick is sat downstairs. I’m guessing he’s still reading the paper. Though it’s cold outside, the heating isn’t on, so there isn’t even the faint noise from the boiler or the pipes. There’s just the scratch of my pen across paper as I mindmap my moment.

In front of me is the screen of my computer. It’s just finished playing a video on youtube. An educational five minutes showing how to draw a heart with Illustrator. I can already draw them but I’m going through a whole batch of videos to pick up tidbits. It’s those shortcuts that are always so useful. And the way the instructor constructs her shape is very different from me. I’m seeing shapes in a whole new way.

As I look up from my writing, I note there is a box of Ginger & Lemon tea bags and a tube of Molton Brown shaving lotion. Both are items I’ve placed there as an aide memoir. The Lipton tea is hard to come by. I found it in the Co-op quite by chance but now they’ve sold out and I haven’t seen them in any other supermarket I’ve tried. And it’s a really good, strong flavour. Warming too, in these cold months to come. The shaving lotion is a treat for myself at the end of the month. I want to check out prices. Molton Brown is purely a shop for occasional treats. I’m due a trip to Manchester soon, so will want to dive into one of their shops.

Behind me, taunting me, is my A3 drawing pad. The crisp white, virgin white paper on top, remnding me that I still haven’t sat down and scribbled some ideas for next week’s project. I was supposed to do it this week but I keep putting it off. Even doing this is a distraction from what I should be doing. When the house is as still as it is right now, is the perfect time to generate new sketches.

I’ve just emitted a dry cough. It’s a tickle in the throat I’ve had for about a week. It’s not any worse or better. It stays the same. Not bad enough to do something about. Just ignore it and hope it takes it’s course soon and goes.

I distract myself further, looking at emails. I’m awaiting an answer from a software company. I’m tempted to update some software. First time I gave in, I found the payment method wasn’t working on their site. They replied to say they were having technical issues. They offered up a 10% discount code. That doesn’t work either. However, the payment gadget now does. But they’ve offered a discount & I’d like to take advantage of it. So it’s still in abeyance. Waiting for them to reply.

I finish scribbling. The moment is up. I can return to my videos and play around building up simple shapes into more complex ones, twisting, tweaking, pulling and pushing them around with the click of a button.

To read Alexa's beautiful journalling and others who have joined in, go here. Bring a cup of something warm with you too. I promise you'll become addicted and spend more than a moment reading them.


alexa said...

Hello Paul! and I am so touched and delighted to see you have linked up this month :). And what a quiet and peaceful moment it has been (though I am a little concerned about your cough). If there had been a clock ticking, I am sure I would have heard it. Ooooh, I am intrigued about your next creative project that needs an A3 pad! Lovely to pop in and hope that you'll be recovered healthwise very soon xx.

Louise said...

Lipton tea...I'd forgotten all about it, years ago I used to drink it at work! a lovely moment.

Michele said...

Loved reading about your 'moment', Paul. Hope the cough clears up soon x

Neil said...

Moral of the story. Before straining your eyes; those eyes that have now decided that near sight will now begin to fail; scroll down to see if Paul has considerately written it out separately....Thanks for the peek into your quiet moment. Hope you had a good weekend too.

S said...

It sounds like you are making good use of your procrastination time to me. Glad I popped by to hear about it.

Kay Wallace said...

Isn't it absolutely amazing how much is actually part of just a moment in time? Just a blip on the radar, and gone! Yet, your moment has been filled with sights, sounds, learning, thinking, remembering, planning, guessing...and the list goes on. The next four days, I will be full-time grandma to my three grandchildren. At some point, I will take stock of just a moment in time...mine should be eye opening! ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

Lovely reading your moment, thanks for sharing it with us.

Michelle said...

I loved your moment, Paul! I was totally engrossed. :-)

Is the tea actual tea, or herbal? Is it different to Twinings Lemon & Ginger? Now I'm curious! I'm going to check out the supermarket the next time I'm there. ;-)

I hope your cough clears up soon.

Ladkyis said...

Thank you for sharing your moment. I could feel the peace of your home surrounding me - except for that irritating cough. Don't let it go on for too long.

Richard Pettitt said...

What a lovely little glimpse into your life Paul. I can see how trimming the sails could be addictive reading. Thanks for the link.

Missus Wookie said...

Thank you for sharing the journaling lower down, lovely clean lines of your page too. I like the sound of picking up tips and seeing shapes in a different way. Hope your cough goes away soon.