Monday, 14 April 2014

Red and Black Again (but I did add other colours this time)

Hello my dear reader

I went ahead and made another card using red as my again. And as I mentioned a couple of posts back, I thought I'd try and do something other than pair it with my usual black.

I dug out some white cardstock instead and stamped a zigzag design using a rainbow of brightly coloured inks. Okay I used black to stamp and heat emboss the sentiment but I don't know about you but I can't seem to get away from black sentiments. I try other colours but they just don't work as well for me. I'm stuck in my ways for now.

Just to leave my black and red comfort zone was enough of a challenge lol.


Monika Reeck said...

Paul your stamping zigzag is lovely clean and tidy I can not do like is a great color combo and black on white cardstock always great as I know and your simple card looks this CAS card...hugs from Germany...Monika (and see you soon on my Blog.. LOL)

Richard Pettitt said...

That's a happy colourful card, and I think you were right to use black again for the sentiment.

Anonymous said...

I still prefer a black background and black sentiment to make rainbows pop. Why tinker with success? :-)

I admire your patience, getting all those zigzags perfectly aligned, making a fabulous piece of art.