Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Thinking of You in Pink

Hello my dahlings

Thought I'd have a play with my Washi Tapes this time around. I sit staring at them on my shelf on a daily basis and as deliciously designed as they are, I never rip into them. So I thought I'd change that.

And it couldn't be any easier. I just cut down some white card and wrapped a few strips of the tape around it. I didn't cover the whole card as you can see, however the white seemed too stark and i wanted more colour. I trimmed a piece of fuchsia card and stuck this on instead.

I stamped the sentiment (in black - I know - not ready to loosen the chain on that one yet) onto pink card and die cut it. I mounted it onto the fuchsia card and trimmed by hand, to create a border. I tried the design against the black background and it felt like it needed another pop of colour. The hint of orange as a matting layer just gave it that extra oomph I was looking for.

Let's hope that I am tempted to use my Washi Tape again, before it gathers dust on my shelf as I really love the effect it gives.

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kjjc said...

Nice Washi. Not got any of those designs amongst my 1000 of unused rolls.