Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Brittany - As We've Never seen It Before!

I have just plopped myself back in the UK after having had a brilliant holiday! Which first of all means that the last few days have been all about trying to play catch up. It's taken a few days but normality is just about in reach. Thankfully, I still feel fantastically rested and I have returned with...wait for it...some colour to my usually pallid complexion.

This is not normal. For starters, we returned to Brittany, to exactly the same region we visited last year. However, this time around, we had two weeks of blue skies and hot sun. And we were based only a ten minute stroll away from a beach. We don't do beach holidays and we are both somewhat shy of the sun, given that we both have fair skin. So it's been a novelty to have experienced a "sun, sand & sea" holiday.

Enough preamble! On with the obligatory photos...

This is the Gite where we stayed. The owners lived next door but thankfully gave us our privacy. I vowed that if we caught them lurking around, I'd start sunbathing in the altogether and ensure we never saw them again. Thankfully I didn't have to resort to such extreme measures.

The reason we love this area of Brittany is that we can be near the sea but we are not limited to sitting on beaches. The geography is wonderfully varied and for the most part, quite rocky. And when the tide is low, there's even the chance to go check out the caves. At high tide, where I'm standing is completely underwater.

There are plenty of craggy rocks to scramble over and go exploring around the rockpools, hunting for shrimps and crabs. Or just sitting on and soaking up the rays. I am in utter bliss listening to the sea crash against rocks. It's the most soothing sound in nature.

We bought a pair of Paris Brests everyday from the local patisserie. They were the best we've ever tasted. Utterly moorish.  The shop' owner told Nick that he also sold over 30 different flavours of Chocolate eclairs too.  Thank goodness we don't live here. I'd be the size of a house within weeks.

Me paddling in the sea. It's something I love to do and very seldom have the opportunity. Just to stroll along the shore line with waves lapping my toes. Bliss!

I had to include this shot as it was so unusual. On one of our coastal outings, this large moth (butterfly?) flew straight onto Nick's hand and stayed there long enough for us both to photograph it. Gorgeous colouring.

And yes, more insects. We visited a garden on one of our excursions and they had a pond the size of a lake. It was swarming with dragonflies. It was a beautiful, serene spot and we couldn't tear ourselves away. Nick was busy clicking away with his fancy large DSLR camera and I had my pocket sized one. I dislike having to carry my large camera around. Especially on holiday as I know I'll just take snapshots. However, I was astounded at the quality of the photos my little camera took. Like this one. Yes, I took it! I have now fallen in love with my camera.

Here's Nick buying deliciously ripe and ready to eat avocados. Something he masters incredibly well and I fail at hopelessly. I can speak the language. In fact, I know more French than Nick. But I fail to make myself understood. I love and envy that he can go around the market stalls and speak with the locals. I just end up frustrated and coming away with a kilo of pate or a litre of honey.

One of our coastal walks took in four or five different bays like this. Every time we rounded the corner, we came across another. We found a shady spot and ate our lunch around here.

What can I say! Shoes and socks!!!!! Good job he doesn't care (and neither do I) about such fashion faux pas lol.

Finally, just a few of the colourful snapshots I took. Whether we were visiting towns,  cities, or beach resorts, we came across so much more colour over in France than we see over here in the UK. Even just ordering a cup of tea in the dingiest bar, I noticed on the red table top in front of me, was my crumpled green teabag sachet, alongside an orange biscuit wrapper and a pink block of sugar. Europe seems such a more joyful place for all the colours they surround themselves with. Back home, all I can see are muted palettes, browns and greys. That's why my project this year is to bring a rainbow of bright colour into our home. I've caught the European bug. And of course, I'll share my progress as and when I do.

Right, I must go and make that salad for dinner. I need to undo all the naughty sweet treats of the last couple of weeks


alexa said...

Welcome home! What a gorgeous clutch of photos too - I love the one of you paddling in the sea :). Ooh, European colour arriving chez toi/vous sounds very exciting!

Michele said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! Fab photos - what camera were you using? (I'm forever on the look out for the perfect point and shoot camera) x

kjjc said...

Welcome home Paul. Very envious of your holiday as you would expect. Were in Brittany were you? It looks lovely. Fab photos.what is your camera? It may be just a small one but it has taken great photos.

Neet said...

Paul, take me with you next time, purlease. Kidding apart, it looks marvellous, love the photos, impressive little camera and I am enthralled by the colour mix in the last shot.
Think of you often
Hugs, Neet xx

Song said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Welcome home.

wienerhoneymooners said...

Lovely pics!