Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pocket camera

Just a quickie post to answer the question "What camera did I take on holiday?" A detail I failed to include in my last post.

Well, it's a Canon Powershot SX280 HS.

(Photo taken from Canon's Website)

I bought it at the beginning of this year and it's been with me on both my travels to Switzerland & France.

Having always been used to SLR & DSLR cameras, it was a bit of a learning process at first to control it to take the photos I wanted. However, as with most things in life, I found that the best way to figure it out was to use it, take lots of pictures, make mistakes and I soon figured out how it works. It has lots of functions included but in truth, I don't use most of them. For the majority of time, I set it on Auto and just point & shoot.

I prefer an actual point and shoot camera over a phone camera as something small that I can carry around in my pocket. It doesn't beat my DSLR for quality and manual control but it's a lot less bulky to carry around.


Michele said...

Thanks Paul. Very tempting - good job I've got a birthday coming up :) x

alexa said...

You tske super photos with it - small and compact sounds good to me!