Saturday, 28 June 2014

Quick & Colourful plus a Little Adventure

Just a quick post today - no bells and whistles, showing a card I made whilst the web was down temporarily this morning (something to do with BT Broadband)

I sponged two colours of Distress Ink onto watercolour paper, Picked Raspberry (which I always read as Pickled Raspberry) and Salty Ocean. I used a stitched Lil Inkers Die to cut it out. I then used another die to cut out the sentiment in yellow card. I backed it all onto a glittery green base and stuck the whole lot onto red card.

Oh, I almost forgot. Though I'm not posting about it as regularly, I'm still incorporating Adventure into my life and yesterday I attended something for the first time which Nick had arranged. It's an adventure I would never dream of doing - Go Karting! At an indoor centre in Manchester called Karting 2000.

(Not a photo we took. It's from their website)

Up front I'll say I'm happy to have tried it once but it really, REALLY wasn't my thing. Nick had a great time, which makes me more than happy enough to have attended. But I am not the most ambitious person when it comes to speed. I even have little old ladies overtake me on the motorway.

For 15-20 minutes, I stayed in the left hand side, pootling along at the slowest speed possible, cringing whenever I hit a tight bend. Everyone else happily squealed their tyres, threw themselves round the course and overtook me, many, many times. Oh and the noise! Those karts don't half make a racket. I was relieved when the chequered flag was waved to indicate the end. I am so glad there weren't any photos taken of me in shabby overalls, complete with a hair net and racing helmet, gagging on the taste of petrol that seemed to be permanently in my mouth.

If I hadn't come across exactly as a petrol-head to Nick before, then I think it sunk in afterwards. Boxing, I can do. Boys' toys, I don't. My normally pristine palms, had blisters. I was in danger of developing callouses!!! I couldn't wait to go home, run a bath, add lots of smelly salts and wash any evidence away that I had been near oil and grease.

Today, inking up a card in bright colours, I feel more at home.


Lindsay Mason said...

Laughing my socks off here at your wonderful descriptions of your discomfort! Hilarious! I must say that I've never seen you as a Go Kart kind of guy!
Love the card and I always used to call it Pickled Raspberry too!
Hugs, Lindsay xx

Monika Reeck said...

Paul...I love that Happy birthday DIES...I wish I have a cuttlebug machine...or may I exchange with something with that Paper Dies...I love the colors you put on it...Great bday Card Paul and nice new Profil pict...more clear to see your face than the old Prof Pict for sure...see you soon on my Blog maybe..hugs, Monika

JoZart said...

Oooh, Paul, I can feel your angst to be in such an alien situation for you. At least you must have relished making that gorgeous card afterwards and it probably made you appreciate the process even more.
Delicious colours in your card and I love the background on water colour paper. It looks so textured almost like mat velvet.
Jo x

Richard Pettitt said...

Hahahahaha! Laughing with you Paul, not at you. Go-karting is like being elbowed in the head and punched in the back over and over again. I'm not a fan either. I'll stick to watching Formula 1 occasionally.

Cards are looking very good. Do you run card-making workshops Paul?

Neet said...

Had to smile at your post, written with such feeling and honesty, but I must admit I would be a bit the same. Still, won't be happening again will it?
Love the card, I too think of it as "Pickled".
Smiling now for the day I leave you
Your friend, Neet xx

alexa said...

Your wonderfully descriptive writing has had me right there, seeing you holding on like grim death! Admiring you for trying - at least he knows now :). What a relief to have inks and dies between your fingers rather than a greasy steering wheel - their talent is much better used for lovely creative cards like this one. I do like that die with the false stitching ...