Friday, 12 December 2014

Play Date & Neon Colour

Hi lovelies

I said I was only making one Xmas card this year. I was wrong.

I was over at a friend's house on a craft date, primarily to encourage the making of Xmas cards. I had not intended to make anything festive myself. I thought I'd just make some general cards but I had this moustache stamp and well it looked like a tree. One thing lead to another and you can see what happened.

I'm not the most prolific crafter in the world. The card above was only the second one I produced in the whole day. The colours I used can be explained by the fact that I'd already dug out some card colours to match Hero Arts Neon Inks used in this...

I wanted to stamp the bike in these vivid colours, so I had out on the table the bright blue, green and red to match. There was plenty of scraps left over, which were used in the Xmas Tree card later.

In this dark, gloomy weather, I love seeing and playing with these bright, funky colours.


J. Anthony Stubblefield said...

Paul, come visit the US I get you into production mode. When I make cards I make them in sets of at least 6, sometime 10 or more. Right now I am making 50 Christmas cards, but they are going to take me at least three sittings (I've worked on them two evenings so far).

Cute Christmas card, by the way.


alexa said...

I am just grinning at that clever, clever tree - brilliant!

Neet said...

Paul you are so creative. I love the neon card but the moustache card is - well - just fabulous. I would never have thought of using those to make a tree like that. Worthy of a magazine page!
Hope you and Nick have a wonderful Christmas day filled with fun and friendship.
Sending lots and lots of love
Neet 14 xx

Monika Reeck said...

I guess I lost my comment if you found it deleted please it was not finished yet hehehe :)

I love your idea its clever tree and all colors all here on your christmas card...lovely bright color pink and green yeah I never used it together....and I love your bow on that bday card and I guess you are loving using that color combo...its bright and a happy bday card..may I order one for my bday...similar like this but in Purple and my bday is on 10 April LOL...see you soon on my post at my Blog Paul it was long time ago since I have your smile on my Blog :))...hugs, Monika