Friday, 30 January 2015

Inspired by A Guilty Pleasure

Hello Sweet Reader

Today I have a card to share which isn't for a challenge. I know! Shock!

It's actually inspired by the front cover of the latest issue of Elle Decoration.

I decided a while ago, to cut down on the magazine subscriptions I had (especially when the trend was for them to go bump and take your money with them). Elle Decoration is one I still held onto. I am not an interior designer nor do I have a designer home. But I still love this magazine. It is my guilty pleasure. It always triggers off ideas and musings. And, well, some days, all I want is to just look at pretty photos.

Like the cover. So I made a card which was inspired by it's complementary bold colours, visual texture and graphic layout.

The heart was added as an afterthought. I would have like the striped square all by itself but it jarred. It really did seem to cry out to have a little something extra put there.

Now I'm going to grab a cup of hot chocolate, flake out on the sofa and scour the pages for more inspiration.


kjjc said...

It's lovely Paul. The heart does add that extra something. The colours are bright and exciting. Great card.

Neet said...

Love the brick background Paul and can see from the cover of the mag why you were instantly drawn to it. Great card, great idea!
Hugs, Neet xx

Michele said...

Fab card! I love the bold colours and the checkerboard embossing x

~amy~ said...

Love how you were inspired...looks fabulous.

Gabby said...

Great inspired design, Paul! I like your "brick" emb bkgrd and the striped piece with the heart is neat. Looking forward to your next creatively inspired card. :)

alexa said...

I think the heart is an inspired choice for pulling it altogether, Paul. Hope the reading in comfort was good - so often I spend my time looking at the page design rather than the content!

Jaya Christina said...

I've browsing your blog after seeing your guest post on CASE.
This card is stunning.. and I loved your Spectacular card. :)
Glad to have stumbled upon your blog