Saturday, 31 January 2015

Getting Graphic

Hello Sweet Reader

So soon after my last post, I have another card to share. It's one of those ideas that came to me as I was taking my daily stroll down by the river. Thankfully, it stayed with me until I returned home and in my craft room.

I'd been thinking about whether to make another rainbow card from using a set of stacked circular dies. Then I started to think, what if I turned it around and had a monochrome rainbow? Well, that's an idea I can still do one day. But my thoughts then went on. So I like a monochrome rainbow but what if I cut it in half and mix the pieces up and put back into a circle?

And that's what I did...

And I know there's no sentiment on it. Who says you always need one? And if they do? I say stuff 'em and break the rules. I don't want to add anything to detract from the impact of the graphic style. It has plenty of shelf appeal just as it is.


kjjc said...

It does indeed Paul and the sentiment will be inside anyway.

Michele said...

Great idea, executed perfectly to produce a striking card! X

alexa said...

It certainly does ... I was thinking bulls' eye. Great against that vibrant blue.