Saturday, 11 April 2015

Greyed Out Rainbows

Once again you find me joining in with the CAS(E) this Sketch blog challenge. Yes, I know I always post for this site. I'm the first to admit, I'm a creature of habit. Actually, strike that. I'm actually a creature of routine and rituals. Especially when it comes to creating. And having a challenge site I go to for inspiration each week, gives me that sense of routine. It's one less thought I need to apply. One reason fewer to procrastinate.

So here's the tricksy sketch this time around

And though I'm glad to have pulled something out of the hat for this one, I'm still not wholly satisfied. I've stuck with die cuts. AGAIN! I love stamping and graphic design and I've not gone for that option. My beautiful, colourful dye inks will be drying up in their cases, unused and unwanted.

Next time. I promise. No really. I will. Rubber & Ink will touch.


alexa said...

I think this fulfills the brief rather nicely. The soft turquoise lifts it too. Though - if I dare be so bold! - your title sounded a little depressing when I first read it. I thought 'Worlds of mist' or even 'Saturn rings?' OK, you can slap my wrist now!

Paul B said...

Haha - it never occurred to me that it sounded depressing :) Love your descriptions. Your wrists are safe (for now lol) x

donna mikasa said...

It's always a treat to have you join us! Love your graphic take on the sketch with those concentric circles--great colors, too!

I Card Everyone said...

Since I'm a bit of a die fan , I think it's perfect, and lovely, Paul... thanks for sharing it with us at CTS!
=] Michele

Neet said...

Love what you have done - again diecuts? What does it matter, you seem to have the gift of putting them together - and so neatly too.
Good job you did not carry on to 50 shades.
Hugs, Neet xx

Leigh Penner said...

Your posts are so fun to read, Paul! I really like your graphic take on the sketch!

Unknown said...

Your grey rainbow card looks pretty good from where I'm sitting. Not depressing at all. :-)