Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Something Different - A Digital Poster

I've not made anything physical or tangible for a few days. Which means, I'm missing that creative output. I'm still drawing and creating vectors but nothing which is purely for fun. The main reason though for not making is that the hours I usually put aside for "play", find me instead,  curled up in a chair, devouring books. Trashy thrillers and the like. Nothing that would be found in English Literature lessons, for sure.

Which means I haven't grabbed my stamps, or inks or card. What I've done instead, is the above. It wasn't intentional. If I'm totally honest, with myself more than with you, it was whilst I was being busy procrastinating. I don't mean to but sometimes, I can easily let myself be distracted.

It began when I was sorting through my fonts, on my computer. I decided to try a couple of them out. I chose a quote I liked then started messing. It didn't take long before I was creating all manner of backgrounds, varying the layout and, simply mucking about, having fun. Time flew by until my square eyes finally gave in.

I shall eventually print it out and stick to the pin board which hangs to the left of where I sit in front of my Mac. Not as a reminder. Not necessary. This is generally a philosophy I live by anyway but the divine Katherine does put it so darn eloquently.


kjjc said...

She was, of course, absolutely correct.,Rules are there to be broken. Fab motto to live by so long as you are careful.;-)

Anne Jagger said...

Love it

Michele said...

Fab quote - I love how you've illustrated it x

Neet said...

Oh Paul, I think you were talking about me! I am curling up more and more with a book, am easily distracted by things such as drawing around shapes in my journal or trying new fonts with my pens.
Is this a disease we both have - like the poster by the way.
Hugs, Neet xx