Friday, 25 September 2015

More Experiments with Paint

Urghhh!!! I have had a week long bout of Man-flu! And it's still lingering. Sore throat, turned into dripping nose, morphing into tickling cough and throughout all these symptoms, lower than average energy. And given my usual low energy output on my best days, I'm doing well to just move.

However, so it doesn't look like I spend all day in front of the TV, bingeing on Netflix TV series (American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Daredevil) I occasionally haul my ass into the art room.

The above page is a result of one of these moments. It's not a page which means anything. It's a play page. I wanted to see how a design would look if I masked off a border. I took a piece of card which I'd previously painted green, slapped on some masking tape and sprayed it red.

The other experiment was to try out a variety of brushes with paint and ink to create a variety of splashes. I used complimentary colours of green to provide contrast and then set about making an educational mess.

In thinking, how to use the page I created, I took a die I have of a mock polaroid, and used it on some card which I had painted blue, which was lying around. I've recently added a new profile photo to my instagram account which I thought would tie in nicely with the polaroid theme. Printed a copy out, attached it, covered it in mod podge and it was good to go.

After some doodling around the edge and writing the two words of journaling (I can still be a minimalist, even in art journals), I was finished.

As you can tell, I haven't moved into a journal yet. However I have inked up a background on one page in a book. So I'm trying it out again. More experiments to do yet I feel. Just get rid of this stinking cold and watch me go at it in a blur of activity!

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J. Anthony Stubblefield said...

I thought you had glued black lace trim around the edges. If you hadn't mentioned that you doodled around it I would have never realized. Even sick you are still creative. I had a cold last week, I don't think it was the full-on flu as I was only sick for two days. But even so, I was knocked out for two days. I would get up and wonder into my craft room, but immediately go back to the couch. I haven't been that inactive in a really long time.

Hope you are back to 100%,