Saturday, 26 September 2015

When To Stop? - It's Sooner Than I Thought

I've returned to the book. Yes, as you can see, these two pages are in a new art journal/mixed media spiral bound book. I think I'll work in two different ones to begin with. This one's going to have ink and dye based backgrounds. The other has paper more suited to acrylic painted pages.

I tried two different masking ideas for these pages. The first has a straight edge. The second, a torn one. At the moment, I feel the straight version has the edge (pun intended).

I've been flicking through a plethora of books and magazines which show all kinds of mixed media pages, as well as watching a slew of youtube videos. And I kind of had the sense that you put down a background and then layer it up with visual interest. Then you add your focal points and accessorise!

Thing is, once I laid down my stencilled and stamped images, intended to be backgrounds, I looked at the result and thought well these pages are finished.

Future pages may see me adding layer upon layer and going the next stages forward. But not these. I like them as they are. So they are finished sooner than I was expecting.

Time to turn the page.


helena said...

I agree they look fabulous as they are

mark gould said...

Great pages and I like the masked boarder. I think I'm leaning slightly towards the torn one my self.
It's hard when layering up keep going at times. Especially with bg like these

Autourdemwa said...

Amazing double layout... I love your work, love the colors, love your idea..... I love everythings about this art journal layout's can't wait to see the next ;) ;)

I will suscribe right now to your newsletter, I don't want to miss any other projects ;) ;)

alexa said...

I like these subtle patterns and the stippled effect. And lovely as they are. But you never know, you might come back to them at some point ...

Neet said...

Both pages have appeal. I too am drawn to the straight edge but wonder if it is the colour combo that is doing it rather than the overall shape. Either, I would be pleased with the finished product.
Hugs, Neet xx