Friday, 4 September 2015

Slowly Emerging

I haven't forsaken my blog. Though it may have appeared that way. I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I was taking a break over the summer. I wanted to play creatively and make mistakes away from public scrutiny. I still do.

I've been creating pages in an art journal for the weeks I've been absent and when I hit a brick wall, I die cut some tags out of card I had lying around and used them instead. Pages in a book still manage to hold me back. Tags I have found, being loose, are easier mentally to add paints, inks and ideas to.

I think pages in a book stay there forever to be judged. I'm not keen on ripping them out if they turn out awful. And that stops me from trying something new, from stretching out of my comfort zone. From having ideas and trying them out.

Tags, for the moment, offer more freedom. If it turns out crap, it can go straight in the bin. Or a drawer. I can look at it, note what I think didn't go as planned and try again. I can enjoy the process. I have a very critical inner voice. It doesn't seem to be any kinder as I age. I accept it's there and work around it. Tags, for now, keep it quiet.

As for my blog, I'm going to slowly emerge. Share and show some of the stuff I make, as and when. I may even do another 30 day project. I enjoy the discipline and process of a daily blog.

 Ahhh, stretch & yawn. I hear blank tags calling to me. Time to grab some pens and ink and see what happens.


Ardyth said...

Looking forward to seeing you back. At least you have something(s) amazing to show for your summer - I lost a lot of time to The Gilmore Girls!! Not sure Netflix is a good!

alexa said...

Glad all is well with you :). I'd been wondering ... Experimenting sounds good, especially a workaround The Inner Critic!

Neet said...

I like the collage, assume it is the tags and the page just randomly put together in a very artistic way (ie not random at all). Why not do a journal with pages and then your thoughts either on the page, alongside or on the back. I am going to do that when I try out using magazine pages.
It is just too hot for me today, Chas, surprisingly is finding it ok, usually the other way around. Hang the tan, gravy browning here I come.
Loadsa love Neet xx