Monday, 24 August 2015

Something Else I Did at the Weekend

This is a continuation of my last post. A part two if you please.

Whilst on Saturday, we made a clock. On Sunday, it was a book cover. Again using a laser cut board kit. This time from Neelz Expressions.  Now mine isn't up to the standard of everyone else nor is it the complete class which Mark taught. As I mentioned, I had to leave half way through the workshop, so had to finish it off back home. Those who take the class in full, will walk away with extra techniques and two book covers, front & back.

However, in just the first half, I think I learnt a million techniques and was again crafting faster than I ever have, cramming in as much as I could before I left. More cutting, gluing, painting, glazing, dripping, texturising, rusting and a rather cool and effective transfer technique. Yup, that rather gorgeous image of cogs started life as a black and white photocopy, which was transferred to the backing board. The most successful one I've ever managed. My tip? Glue, then take on a train for three hours to dry. Leave overnight in the bag you took it home in, then peel away to reveal the image.

And if you fancy making a better job of it than me? Take the whole day's class :D


papercuts-a slice of Imagination said...

It looks brilliant Paul....lovely to meet you! Hopefully you will be back in March (19th and 20th) taking names now if anyone else us interested 😉

Michele said...

More fabulousness! I love your tip for the transfer technique :) x

Neet said...

That is fabulous Paul. Wish I had been there, looks right up my street.
Hope you do another one for us to see.
Neet xxx

mark gould said...

Looks great Paul. Thanks again.

alexa said...

That's a neat tip :). Love the layered and rusty look for your book cover. Have you decided what will go inside? Or will you just display the covers?

Neet said...

Happy Birthday Hun! Hope you have something planned that is wonderful - or should I rephrase that "hope Nick has something wonderful planned".
Loadsa Love
Neet xxxx