Sunday, 1 November 2015

How I Avoided Halloween

As I mentioned in this previous post, I had arranged an outing which coincidentally allowed me to avoid Halloween. Yes, I was out the door before any small people could come a knocking and begging for sweets. But before you write me off as a total killjoy, I was still surrounded by kids and their parents.

Does this give you more of a clue?

No? How about this one?

Pat yourself on the back if you guessed I was at Chatsworth House. I know. I'm there so often, I may as well take up lodgings with the Duke & Duchess. I had successfully grabbed tickets for their firework event before they were sold out. And boy was it packed. Thankfully, their gardens are huuuuge and can accommodate the thousands who attended.

The event began at 6pm, we arrived at 7pm and the fireworks weren't until 8pm. To fill the gap, Chatsworth had erected a stage (it was almost like being at Glastonbury folks) with a band booked to play nineties house and acid music on trumpets. It sounded better in real life than it does on paper. And it was quite a sight to see middle aged parents, in wellies, dancing around, reliving their younger years before they sprogged. It's an image I can not erase from my mind. That was a true horror to witness.

And in front of the house was a fire garden display, instead of a bonfire.

Far classier, even if it came across as if we had wondered into Wicker Man territory.

Then, come a little after 8pm, the compere on the stage, took to the mike and lead the crowd into a countdown from ten. And when we all bellowed out "One", music erupted from the speakers and the display began.

Chatsworth, once again, did not disappoint. It was an incredible display with plenty of quality fireworks lighting up the sky in sync with the music.

And the finale, the pinnacle of the display, decorated the sky to an instrumental of Michael Jackson's Thriller. How perfect, to end the evening, watching the last firework explode and die in the clear sky above, with the sound of Vincent Price cackling away.

We may have had to drive home in the dark, through fog and under the light of the moon but when we finally parked in our drive, all trick or treaters were tucked up safely in bed. What better way to avoid the season hahahahaha.


Richard Pettitt said...

Woo ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!

Thoroughly enjoyed reading that and looking at the pics. Doesn't Chatsworth nail the creative stuff every time! Awesome place.

Nice trick-or-treat-dodging as well. ;-)

alexa said...

Oh, now that looks splendid! What a wonderful was to be 'out' :). It was very quiet here, with no little visitors. so we didn't have anything to avoid. But I'd still rather have been where you were! Next year, perhaps ...

Neet said...

What a fabulous night out and thank you for the photographs. Chatsworth looks wonderful in that light and I do like the first photo (of you) which I think is very artistic with the half light.
We were out too so no Trick or Treaters for us but then we haven't had any for the last couple of years. Chas is munching his way through the sweets we bought, just in case ...
Hugs, Neet xx