Friday, 25 March 2016

Messing About with Artsy Cards

You may know already from reading this blog that I'm a big fan of Seth Apter. And yes, that means I have amassed quite a stack of his stamps, stencils and dies.

I've been itching to have a play with them all, so I gathered together every product of Seth's which I own onto my craft table and grabbed some plain white card.

I then inked, painted, stencilled, stamped, stamped and stamped again. I used as many colours as I could lay my paws on. I made sure to use every stencil, every stamp.  After an hour of frenzied mess and a pair of frightening looking, inky hands, I ended up with a whole batch of decorated card.

I now have enough material to go ahead and make several projects. This card being the first idea I had. I grabbed my Drip Drop Die (I've had my eye on purchasing this since the second it was previewed on Seth's blog) sliced into several different colours and pieced together into the above design.

I gave the piece a coating of Triple Thick gloss varnish which made the colours pop. I lay it over some white card and then black, to see which I preferred and as you can tell, I drooled more over how it stood out on a darker background. I trimmed some black card down, ran it through an embossing folder and foam mounted to the final card.

I have plenty of offcuts and untouched card on my table to start making more projects. Should keep me quiet over the Easter holiday.


Neet said...

I have some of his stencils but sadly not his dies. Love this one and the way that you have treated it. Love what you have done.
Neet xx

mark gould said...

Very eye catching

Seth said...

Wow. I am absolutely loving this. The black textured background makes the bright die cuts pop in a big way! Amazing!