Saturday, 11 October 2008

Inspiration Week 2

Final assignment for the week is to again find inspiration for your layout, this time using an analgous palette. I like this advert because of its bold dominant red but I seem to have translated the colour scheme to have far more pink than I would normally like. What didn't occur to me when I chose this ad was that you need a light colour for journalling and contrast and the lightest colour here...PINK! Well, that's my lesson learnt for the day. It's also tricky trying to find papers from my "to be used up" pile which match the colours in these found palettes. The LO is supposed to be a double but I figured this was just a suggestion and I decided to keep it at one especially as the sketch for the second one was just a repeat of the same four squares.


Louise said...

ok... so today I can get on but I can't see any pics!!! *stamping feet* I want to see Paul's pink LO, I won't believe it until I see it with my own eyes...

Eileen said...

Way to go, Paul - not one pink LO but two - or three if you count a double LO as 2.

I love the way you can take a challenge or a task and make it your very own - any chance of you sending some of your imagination over this side of the Pennines, please? Maybe if I promise not to send those Primas?