Sunday, 18 January 2009

Spiders, bah no problem, Needles Aargh!

Just finished off this final LO from yesterday's output. Another chapter from my history I wanted to record. I was incredibly phobic about needles. Couldn't touch them, look at them or be injected without a fight. And yes, I'm a wimp when it comes to fighting (& many other things) but I have the strength of ten men when keeping needles at bay. Trust me, there's a doctor out there who's seen it - another LO one day perhaps haha. Anyway, to avoid having my sweet toothed teeth rotting away in my mouth, I needed to seek help, so I found a dentist who worked with phobias and long story short, he helped cure me. Nowadays I merely dislike them. I'll never like needles and injections but that I'm okay with. That, I can work with. As for this LO, I'm actually quite pleased with its conservative style and simplicity. The blue-green patterned paper had the exact right colour, I knew straight away when I saw it. Normally I faff around with papers but this one came together within minutes. The paper was on the top of the pile, calling out to be used. If only that happened more often. Oh and the chipboard letters. Just the right height and width to fill the space i'd left. Fantastic!


kjjc said...

think this is great Paul. Great subject to document

Michele said...

Love it! I can identify with the needle phobia - I pass out at the sight, and sometimes even the thought, of them!

Jemma said...

this LO totally freaked me out and i dont even mind needles!!