Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Away from the Norm

Yes today was away from the norm for a typical Tuesday. I left the house and caught a train to see the Stitches show in Birmingham. I got as far as Birmingham before it was announced that trains weren't stopping at the NEC due to a fire on the tracks which meant diversions and double decker bus journeys. I reacted like any normal drama queen would in the same situation and called Nick at work and asked if he would collect me later, rather than be stranded in Solihull.

Eventually I arrived at the NEC and found the very people I came to see - Tom & Shari! We sat, relaxed, chatted and munched on butties. Then we returned to their stall where we donned the Red Noses I brought along and had our photties taken. Aren't they great sports? They are also both extremely warm, friendly, have huge hearts and a wicked sense of humour.

Before my lift arrived, I also had the opportunity to say hi to familiar faces including the gorgeous Paula. Those who know me, know I'm a huge fan of the crafts produced by both Shari & Paula. It's their professional, graphic designer style which I admire. Paula was also demoimg a fantastic book binding machine which uses glue to bind pages into an album. The craft world is going to go crazy for it. It is absolutely fantastic. It's the next step on from Bind it All.

Nick arrived and I was so so so so grateful. I turned up carrying coffee and a huge bar of Cadburys for him (the best I could do at the NEC). We then spent a whole two hours chatting away and putting the world to rights on the journey home. The time just flew by. We called in at Waitrose so that I could thank Nick properly with some expensive wine, Ben & Jerrys and a selection of Dim Sum & crispy duck with pancakes. Yup it was certainly an eventful, hugely enjoyable day.

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Michele said...

Sounds like you had a great day (Nick too!) - love the red noses x