Thursday, 19 February 2009

Seeing Them LO

This LO started life as a colour scheme from Colour Combo. I was enticed by it being tagged as difficult to pull together. Well, I love a challenge so I set about trying different combinations on Adobe InDesign until I found something I was pleased with. The tricky step is finding papers which match. Yes I know I have thousands but only a fraction of them fit the selected hues. The photo is one taken on my parents holiday last year. I sat and thought about what it made me think and feel and what popped into my head went down into the journalling and then edited only to let the text fit best into the box.


Michele said...

What a fab site - not seen it before. Love your LO - the colours work really well together and I think your journalling is beautiful x

Anonymous said...

This is very lovely, Paul - and very moving ... Wonderful to read. Love also how you've picked up the little touches of orange in different places - CZ would be proud of you! x alexa