Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter Pig

Well Nick & I don't normally buy Easter Eggs but we changed our minds yesterday when we took a trip out to Manchester and wandered into Hotel Chocolat. All their chocolate eggs were half price!!! They had a variety of sizes to choose from but it was the whopping great Ostrich Egg which caught our attention. Normally £50 but it was on sale for half that and well you don't treat yourself like this everyday. So once we got home, Nick got the camera out and I opened the box to see what was inside. And believe me, when I eventually got to the egg itself, it wasn't a thin flimsy shell, it was a thick chocolate layer. Absolute heaven! Such good quality too. We only went in to grab a couple of their milk and honey slabs but as you can see, we are easily tempted by the largest sweet in the store. Hope everyone else enjoyed the bank holiday!!!


Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh My Goodness, that looks like Chocolate Heaven. We don't have a Hotel Chocolate here but my Mum gets their Taster boxes yummy!!!!!
Hope you had a great Easter, Hazelxox

Lindsay Mason said...

Oh naughty thing! Looks good though and your expression in that last photo is a picture! My only Easter eggs were the fried kind! Love the new Atc's too. Lindsay x

Anonymous said...

Great set of photos, and hope you enjoyed eating it! I used to get the taster boxes every other month from Hotel Chocolat but settle now for one of their Easter Eggs and a little something at Christmas! Delicious chocolate, isn't it! We sent an HC egg to DD in the USA and DS in Germany too! I don't suppose there'll be any left over by Saturday ....?! :~) alexa

Michele said...

WOW - that's some easter egg LOL! I love those eggs with the thick chocolate edges x