Monday, 28 September 2009

Do you really want to know seven interesting facts about me?

Before I answer that, the most recent interesting place I've visited has been the Alexandra Palace in London, for the Bi-Annual Big Stamp & Scrapbook show. Some lovely stalls there and boy was it packed to the gills with people laden down with shopping bags. Heartening to see, as it keeps all these lovely retail stores in business. However, I wasn't tempted. I looked around and hardly anything screamed out at me to buy it. In the end I bought one small stamp set of chandeliers and 3 clasps which I can use on boxes or mini books. Personally, I preferred to be out and about in London especially as the sky was blue, the sun was out and the temperature warm. I bathed in the sun in V&As garden admiring the stacks of chairs sculpture and in Regents Park whilst catching up with my lovely friend, Jason. And I even found time to shop at Ladurees in Harrods, for Macaroons. Little patisseries of mouth watering heaven. I opted for Rose, Bergamot, Orange Blossom and Pistachio.

So, onto the cards. I made these on my return from the show with my meagre purchases. I thought I'd use a blue background card as the base. To this I dug out darker and lighter blues, grey as a neutral and red for an accent. All from scraps. Can't recall the last time I cut into a sheet of 12x12. Finally I used one of the chandelier stamps as the focal image on one of them. For the other one, I die cut a label plate out and stamped the sentiment. By making it a light blue and accenting with eyelets (of which you don't see nearly enough projects incorporating them these days - let's make these on-trend again :D ), it creates the focal point.

With the restraint I showed in London, I have some spare pennies for another craft show this coming weekend, in Leigh and one stall in particular I'm hoping will have some tempting sets of clear stamps. i will, of course, keep you informed.

Okay, onto the seven things about me. I have been awarded a "Kreativ Blogger" by the talented Neet on her small share of the web. So thanks Neet :) And the rules state that I have to divulge a set number of facts about myself.

1. I won a competition to have an expensive meal out, all paid for and drank a £100 bottle of champers whilst looking at the menu just to start the ball rolling. Not only that, I tripped over a multi millionairre as I staggered drunkenly to the loo. Not only that, I won by cheating. 

2. I had my first intimate encounter in a flat in Moss Side, the dodgiest area in the North west and afterwards poured whisky on the floor before lighting it with a match. Like watching a Christmas pudding except in was on concrete.

3. I have been thrown out of three branches of MacDonalds.

4. I changed my name to Christian Curtis when I began college (but not by deed poll). 

5. I wore mascara, lightly, in my teens, at school and as far as I'm aware no one ever knew.

6. I nearly drowned when I was five and became terrified of deep water. I finally received my first swimming certificate aged 27 when I attended a week long holiday course for scaredy cats. After that, I became a water baby, never out of it.

7. I have danced on a podium in THE trendiest mancunian club of its day, The Factory. One of the guys I shared a house with was in a band with a top twenty pop hit in the charts. My name was on the list, the one and only time in my life. Only the truly select got to dance on the podiums and I took a professional dancer with me as my guest. By default rather than talent, I managed to blag my way onto one of them with my friend.

So there you go. Nothing too illegal, immoral or fattening. I have to say it took some thinking about. I have plenty of fun tales in my memory banks and I've recorded a lot of them into my personal scrapbook pages but choosing ones I wished to share publicly is a different matter. In fact I changed my original number one - let's say it was too much information:D. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe my life has been any more exciting than most or more interesting. However, we have all got our indiscretions haha.

Right, time to clear my craft room up ready for the next time I sit down to make something. Happy crafting everyone :)


kjjc said...

great facts there Paul. Nice to know you better!!!!!Super cards too and I think you were really well restrained at AP. Dying to know what the stamps you want are tho'.LOL

Michele said...

Fab cards - love the chandelier! Interesting facts - would love to have seen number 7 LOL!

Neet said...

Paul - you have made my day! I so enjoyed reading your seven facts - well worth giving you the award to read your comments.
Love you to bits!

alcoholinky said...

ROFL - probably one of the most interesting and entertaining results to these challenges I've ever read.