Thursday, 1 October 2009

Gypsy Chic

I wasn't planning on making a card last night. But my main computer had contracted a tiny troublesome trojan virus and I'd had problems going through the usual quarantine procedures with my anti-viral software. So I left it well alone whilst Nick zapped it and ran a couple of scans just to ensure everything was a-ok. Trouble with running scans is that they take an hour each time. So to kill time I started messing in my craft room.

I sat down without any clue, direction or thought and just meandered. I punched out some shapes from scraps. Then I moved them around my desk placing them in different ways. Then suddenly an idea formed and I began gluing away until I had this quilted background piece. Because it was a busy background, I fiddled and faffed around with it trying to find a combo I liked and then my eyes fell on a raggedly fabric lollipop flower I'd made before. It wasn't the correct colour so I dug out some more quilting scraps and hey presto, a new embellishment was born. Suddenly I was getting a Gypsy vibe from it & I pulled out some fibrous threads to add to it and there I had it. A gypsy chic styled card, just from mucking about.

Big computer is now fully cured I'm happy to report. I never doubted it. There's not a bug out there that Nick can't deal with provided it's caught good and early. Think I may go and treat it to a little defrag later on as a reward for being a brave soldier.


Julia Dunnit said...

No idea what you mean, but I like your card - flower is fab!

kjjc said...

great flower. frayed edges and fabric? Does that mean a bit of grgnue is on it's way back?

Karen said...

Gorjus, gorjus, gorjus !

Love Karen x

Michele said...

Fab colour mix! Love the lollipop flower - the scallop circle finishes it off perfectly x