Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Does this make me a Super Achiever?

I'm following Cathy Zielske's "Me The Abridged Version" class, which is why I haven't posted any crafts recently. I've been beavering away on my lovely Macbook, collecting photographs, creating templates and typing up 52 different interesting aspects all about little old me. It's a four week course, we're on week three and unless Cathy springs a surprise on us, I think I can say I'm finished. I know! A week before class ends. Now doesn't that just make you want to poke your fingers in eyes of the class swot? haha.

To be fair, I have cut down on some of the work or I'd still be at it. I didn't print out all the text and photos and titles separately and then stick them onto different card stock. I designed it all on Adobe software and printed it just as it looked on screen, onto 27 sheets of A4 card stock. No cutting, no assembling, no pasting. I just have to slide each page into a clear protector and pop into an A4 folder. It's been a fantastic class so far & well worth the time that's been required to put into it. Now I've got to think about whether to repeat Cathy's Design class in the New Year. I'm very tempted.


kjjc said...

oh well done. Go to top of the class.Great going Paul.

Michele said...

Most definitely - well done you! You put me to shame - I'm still scribbling in the 'tag book'! I like the colour scheme x

Neet said...

You've always been a super achiever - my fave!
I have given you an award - go check it out on my blog and collect it - love you, you talented thing you.