Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Neverending? I thought it never would.

A wonderful friend of mine from Vicky Stampers, Jayne, made me a stunning card for my birthday which I had never seen before. I was informed that it's called a never ending card. You flip it four times and see four different pages. It looks mind bogglingly difficult so it was a surprise that when I typed "Never Ending Card" into google and saw the YouTube video, at how simple and easy it is to make.
However, easy does not mean quick! The supporting structure took under ten minutes to cut out and piece together, honestly you could make it in your sleep. It was the decoration which took all day. I'm sure it can be done quicker but what with all the shapes that needed cutting out, stamping onto or adhering, it certainly felt never ending. Oh and if you are going to attempt this, a word of warning. Try and choose stamps which can be viewed from different angles as some of the images turn up upside down etc as you flip it.

On the plus side, its another great way to use up scraps. I made the foundation out of plain dark green card - 2 pieces at 8" x 8". I then decided it would be easier to stay with a monochrome scheme and went to my Green scraps folder and pulled out lighter and darker shades to contrast with each other. I cut these into the smaller pieces which decorated the card. I encourage everyone to try this one but do put aside at least half a day to make it!


Michele said...

How's that for a coincidence - I made one of these cards last night at a card group I go to! Mine wasn't as arty as yours though - it was a cutesy Christmas card!! Love the technique though x

Cheryl said...

these are just great loving the designs love cheryl xxx

Anonymous said...

How brill is that! Never seen one before so am off to check out the link. Yours is lovely - very sophisticated colour choices :). Loving your boxes below and what great quippy titles recently! You're rivalling CZ! x alexa

Neet said...

Nice job Paul - I love the boldness of it. Like you I have always found these cards easy to make (construct) but it is the stamping that takes the time - in the thought process.