Monday, 5 October 2009

When it all looks a bit grey - add some blue

Limited time in the craft room recently. I've been too busy gadding about. If you're visiting Manchester anytime before January 2010, I highly recommend seeing the female surrealists Angels of Anarchy exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery. Some wonderful pieces there in a variety of medium including mixed media assemblages. It's well worth setting a couple of hours aside so that you can enjoy the paintings in a leisurely manner. It was extremely well received and popular on the day we went.

So in the spare moments I find to play, I'm still making cards (quite appropriate too as it was World Cardmaking Day on Saturday just gone). They're nice and easy and can be made in a relatively short amount of time. Wonderful for trying out colour schemes. For this one, I began by rummaging through my card and selecting a grey. As I looked at it, I thought, how drab, which enticed me to try and do something with it. Blue has always been my favourite go-to colour to match with grey and the light blue patterned paper gave the perfect contrast. Staying clean and simple, I opted only to add ribbon, a button and a sentiment. The idea of creating a loop and having the ribbon placed proud of the edge, is an idea I saw whilst blog hopping but I can't remember where from. A quick rounding of the corners to make the shape a little more interesting, and it was done.


Michele said...

Classy and stylish - fab card :)

kjjc said...

gorgeous. Love the rounded corners, the curve idea fits well with the looped ribbon (also a curve in it's own right) and the colours are simple yet elegant. Very nice and very classy as always.

Karen said...

Gorjus card Paul. Love that blue paper.

Love Karen x