Saturday, 16 January 2010

I Wasn't Always a Gin & Tonic Kinda Guy

Yes, before I discovered the joys of G&T, Champagne and red wine, I had an appalling taste in alcoholic beverages. Rum & Coke, Snowballs, Baileys, Blur Curacao, Bells Whisky. Not the most refined palette the world has ever produced. But like fine wine, I did improve with age.

This LO is for the Real World Colour assignment on the CZ course. It is primarily about the time we took off to see Macbeth. My first ever experience of seeing Shakespeare on stage. But it's the side story about this group which holds a sweeter, more personal memory. And I know, I've been rotten and blanked it out. It's not, for once, because it's a sordid tale. Quite the opposite but it is a personal reflection of my teen years and I'm not sharing it so there lol.

Only one sheet of 12x12 cut up for this (a lovely Basic Grey paper too) so the pile is still going down, albeit slowly.


Cath Wilson said...

That's a great layout, Paul and great to see you in your formative years :) Rum and coke, eh? And why not, lol? Nothing like the shared experience of a great play or a great concert, though - great memories, no doubt.

Michele said...

Fab LO - love the contrast of the strips of colour next to the grey background. Great photos x

Anonymous said...

Lovely colours and like the splash of colour in the corners to tie it all together. alexa