Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Swirls on cards & boxes like barns

Just been having a play making cards and boxes. Oh the things that keep me occupied in the wee hours. The card uses a colour scheme found on this lady's lovely website: Jeanette Lynton's Colour Me Monday.

The box is another attempt at a house shaped container but on 12x12 paper instead of A4. Have to be honest, it didn't make much difference to the size of it. But I did have more room to quilt some paper scraps into the design.

And yes you will have noticed that I've cleaned up the blog's appearance. It now has a fresh clean white look to it. And, with some friendly help and education, I've learnt how to create a three column blog. Not only that, the header is all my own work too, playing about with Adobe Illustrator. The clean and simple style is fully taking over lol.


Michele said...

Very nice - soon you'll have your own little village! Love the new look blog x

Neet said...

A new picture of you too! I spied this as soon as I came on.
Love what you have been doing - envious of your little boxes - can we play some time?

kjjc said...

Heh new look-like it